The Gate Keeper: Part 4 of 4

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Source: NYTX

Presentation by Robert Chernomas
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Featuring: Robert Chernomas and Ian Hudson
Introduction by Preeti Paul
Produced and edited by Chris Spannos for NYT eXaminer
Length: 8 minutes, 29 seconds

Series Description:
The New York Times can credibly be considered the most influential newspaper in the United States, and arguably the world. The standard debate over its nature concerns its “bias,” with some claiming that it is left wing or liberal and others arguing that it is right wing or conservative. This debate misses (and in fact obfuscates) its essential nature, supporting long run profitability for U.S. business, which involves both liberal and conservative policies in different contexts. This video discuss and documents this essential economic role through a careful examination of the Times’ star commentators, and its coverage of the issues of macroeconomics, regulation, foreign policy, and the 2008–2009 economic crisis. Robert Chernomas and Ian Hudson both develop the above argument, drawing on their book that thoroughly details it, “The Gatekeeper: 60 Years of Economics According to The New York Times.” Read an excerpt fromThe Gatekeeper published exclusively by NYT eXaminer.

Robert Chernomas is a Professor of Economics at the University of Manitoba. He received his Ph.D. from the New School for Social Research. He researches in the area of political economy.

Ian Hudson is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Manitoba. He researches in the area of political economy.


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