July 2012 Archive

Drafting Our Kids, Encouraging the Warmakers

By Murray Polner: When I first read Thomas E. Ricks’ recent NY Times Op-Ed piece “Let’s Draft Our Kids” I thought about my cousin Josef who ...

David Brooks Reads Some Of Chris Hayes’ Book And All The Predictable LOLs Ensue

By Jason Linkins: It seems that David Brooks has read Christopher Hayes' new book, "Twilight Of The Elites." Or, at the very least, skimmed it. This is problematic, as Hayes' book may as well be titled, "Twilight Of The Mountain Of Horsecrap Piled High And Deep By Many New York Times Columnists."

No Child Left Behind Lives On

By Dana Goldstein: A New York Times front-page story by Motoko Rich asks whether No Child Left Behind has been “essentially nullified” by the Obama administration in the face of inaction from a divided Congress.

Pros and Cons of Solidarity with the Palestinian Struggle

By Richard Falk: The posture of solidarity with the struggle of ‘the other’ is more complex than it might appear at first glance. It seems a ...

David Brooks Says Our Elite Is Talented and Open

By Dean Baker: I really wanted to ignore David Brooks'piece yesterday, but he was saying excessively silly things in criticizing my friend, Chris Hayes.