Defining “Terrorism”: The 1972 General Assembly debates on “international terrorism” and their coverage by the New York Times

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Our special publication of Rémi Brulin's book chapter with an introduction by Richard Jackson.

Injured Palestinian youth

‘The New York Times’ Investigates a Palestinian Hobby

By Noam Sheizaf: The New York Times on Sunday published one of its most out-of-context items from the West Bank in recent years...

Glenn Greenwald

Who Is An Objective Journalist?

By Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer: In a recent New York Times article David Carr questioned whether someone could be both a journalist and an activist, a question that was prompted by the role of Glenn Greenwald...

Roger Cohen

Roger Cohen, Dreamer

By Philip Weiss: Yesterday in the New York Times, columnist Roger Cohen said that it's time for "break-through" diplomacy by Obama in Israel and Palestine, leading to a ...

Motoko Rich-NYT

Michelle Rhee Yes, The Real Facts No!

By Bob Somerby: Who the Sam Hill is Motoko Rich? Until this very day, we had very little idea.

China's Premier Wen Jiabao waves during the European Union-China summit at the Egmont Palace in Brussels

China Says New York Times Reporter Was Not Expelled, Says His Visa Application Was Incomplete

By Associated Press: The Chinese government said Friday that it did not expel a New York Times reporter...

Chris Buckley. Photo by Sanghee Liu

China Denies Rejecting Journo’s Visa

By AAP: Beijing has denied rejecting the visa of an Australian journalist working for the New York Times...


Bowing To Israel Lobby Group, ‘NYT’ Editors Neuter Reporters’ Assertion That Israel Is Nixing Two-State Solution

By Philip Weiss: I often speak of the pressure that the New York Times is under from rightwing supporters of Israel. What follows is further evidence of the editors' responsiveness...

Scud missiles

Scuds Over Syria: Is Assad Escalating The War?

By Stephen M. Walt: Forces loyal to beleaguered Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad have reportedly begun firing Scud missiles at rebel groups. The New York Times' Michael Gordon ...

Steven Erlanger

Another ‘NYT’ Reporter Goes to Gaza and Offers Condescending Anthropological Observations on Social Media

By Philip Weiss: It hasn't been a month since a New York Times reporter in Gaza got in hot water for condescending comments on local culture...

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