July 2012 Archive

Massive Expansion of Domestic Spying Under Obama

By Niall Green: Cell phone companies reported that US government bodies, including federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and courts, made at least 1.3 million ...


NYT: Tax Factchecking Is for the Editorial Page

By Peter Hart: The New York Times had a piece Tuesday that pairs Obama's tax announcement with Republican attempts to kill Obamacare, presenting both as "politically charged proposals."

Manufactured Quotes

By Ryan Chittum: News organizations fail to disclose “regular Joe” businessmen’s lobbying ties.

The Latest New York Times Exposé Won’t Stop Me From Eating Organic

By Twilight Greenaway: If you’re even remotely interested in food, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen the article that ran in Sunday’s New York Times called “Has ...

How the NY Times Went Too Far in Slamming Big Organic

By Tom Philpott: In a much-discussed feature that led the Sunday New York Times business section, Stephanie Strom reignites the long-simmering debate about whether the organic label has been essentially ...