The eXamination Project

Today's news and information circulate at such a rapid pace and high volume that it is often difficult for media consumers to effectively assess mainstream media bias and accuracy. NYT eXaminer's "eXamination" project is designed to aid critical media literacy and to help people participate in shaping the news that affects our life. We help by applying filters and organization to large amounts of New York Times data and offering frameworks through which to analyze mainstream media. The eXamination project provides filters for fact-checking, source-analysis, critique of NYT writers and Editors, assessments of conflicts of interest, advertising and policy, relations between NYT management and labor, the newsroom, and much more. The eXamination project will be updated dynamically as we publish daily. The categories featured below will be updated and refined as current events and data demand. Our suggested readings, ten part video interview with WikiLeaks Editor Julian Assange, models offered by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman -- and much more -- are all presented here.

We hope that our eXamination project aids you -- as a reader, journalist or editor -- in developing a more critical understanding of mainstream media for the purpose of truth, social justice, and holding mainstream media -- such as the New York Times -- accountable.


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- Maureen Dowd
- Nicholas Kristof
- Paul Krugman
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- Thomas Friedman

- Andrew Revkin
- Anthony Shadid (2012)
- C. J. Chivers
- David Carr
- Ethan Bronner
- David Sanger
- Isabel Kershner
- Jeff Zeleny
- Jodi Rudoren
- Mark Mazzetti
- Matt Bai
- Michael Gordon
- Nate Silver
- Scott Shane



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Recommended Reading

- Noam Chomsky & Ed Herman:
Manufacturing Consent

(Excerpt 1 / 2)
- Max Frankel:
Washington’s Culture of Secrets,
Sources and Leaks
- Gay Talese:
The Kingdom & the Power
- Chris Spannos: The Fourth Estate
Forfeiting Its Own Press Freedoms
- Robert McChesney:
The Political Economy of Mass Media
- Chris Spannos:
An Unethical Record
Stratfor & the New York Times
- Robert Chernomas & Ian Hudson:
The Gatekeeper: NYT &
60 Years of Economics

- Noam Chomsky:
What Makes Mainstream
Media Mainstream
- Howard Friel & Richard Falk:
The Record of the Paper: How the NYT
Misreports US Foreign Policy

- Michael Albert:
What Makes Alternative
Media Alternative
- Howard Friel & Richard Falk:
Israel-Palestine on Record: How the NYT
Misreports Conflict in the Middle East

- Lydia Sargent:
Press the Press
- Belén Fernández: The Imperial Messenger
Thomas Friedman at Work

(Interview Pt. 1 & 2 / Excerpt)
- Kevin Young:
Contempt for International Law
A Survey of NYT & Washington
Post Editorials on Iran

Recommended Viewing

Classic Noam Chomsky: The Role of the NYT
View large version


Richard Falk: Misreporting the Mideast
View large version


The Gatekeeper: NYT & 60 Years of Economics
View part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4


Julian Assange: WikiLeaks & the Times
View 10 part series