Mediastan Useful for Young Journalists Aspiring for Guardian or New York Times

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By Nicholas Barrett: In Mediastan a small group of young journalists, working on behalf of WikiLeaks, travel though Central Asia confronting the obstacles standing between information ...

North Korea

NYT’s Lopsided Coverage of the Korean Conflict

By Michael M'Gehee: It should go without saying that all sides of any conflict should refrain from provocations. And when nuclear weapons are involved this rule ...

India rape protest

Cultural Traditions that Oppress Women are not Worth Preserving

By Amy S. Choi: Writing like this makes me want to pull out my hair. In an otherwise decent New York Times story about the myriad forms of violence that women in India face on a regular basis, sits these paragraphs...

China's Premier Wen Jiabao waves during the European Union-China summit at the Egmont Palace in Brussels

China Says New York Times Reporter Was Not Expelled, Says His Visa Application Was Incomplete

By Associated Press: The Chinese government said Friday that it did not expel a New York Times reporter...

Chris Buckley. Photo by Sanghee Liu

China Denies Rejecting Journo’s Visa

By AAP: Beijing has denied rejecting the visa of an Australian journalist working for the New York Times...

China's Premier Wen Jiabao waves during the European Union-China summit at the Egmont Palace in Brussels

China’s Ping An Eyes Legal Action After NYT Reports On Premier’s Family Wealth

By Terril Yue Jones and Sui-Lee Wee...: China's second-biggest insurance company has threatened to take legal action against the New York Times for reports that Premier Wen Jiabao's relatives had accumulated massive wealth, largely through holdings in the firm.

Beijing Google China

NYT’s Little Problem in Big China

By Lisa O'Carroll: China is the world's biggest market but for western media firms trying to expand it can be a bruising experience, with even the biggest names such as Rupert Murdoch and Google having come a cropper.

China threat

Inflating the China Threat

By Stephen M. Walt: If you were focusing on Hurricane Isaac or the continued violence in Syria, you might have missed the latest round of threat ...

US Naval exercise in the South China Sea

New York Times Backs Reckless US Intervention in South China Sea

By Peter Symonds: The New York Times has once again stepped forward as the apologist for and promoter of the Obama administration’s aggressive foreign policy—this time in the South China Sea.

Sina Weibo NY Times

One Week In, New York Times’ Chinese Social Media Accounts Shut Down, Site Still Up

By Ingrid Lunden: So much for that experiment in freedom of speech. Last week, the New York Times launched an online Chinese edition of its newspaper — and ...

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