A Matter of Art and Design

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By Robert Waterhouse: The other day, sorting pictures and frames, I came across a Friday November 9 2001 edition of the International Herald Tribune. It had ...


Climb Every Mountain with your Off-Piste Audi quattro

By Robert Waterhouse: It was published a couple of days before Michael Schumacher’s traumatic skiing accident in the French Alps...


Time to Call Time on the Trophy Watch?

By Robert Waterhouse: Is time running out for the trophy watch? An alarming – if you’re an ad sales executive on the INYT – report appeared ...


Countdown to Global NYT In-Time with the Fed

By Robert Waterhouse: Someday this fall, the International Herald Tribune will be renamed the International New York Times.

Common Core

Big Business Supports the Common Core

By Diane Ravitch: Yesterday, 72 business corporations published a full-page advertisement in the New York Times supporting the Common Core State Standards. The ad asserts that the CCSS will ...

Zero Dark Thirty

Again with the Zero Dark Thirty Campaign!

By Bob Somerby: We refer to the Oscar report on the front page of today’s New York Times. It concerns the lobbying efforts surrounding the Oscar broadcast.

Anti-Hagel NYT

Is Chuck Hagel An Extremist?

By Jacob Heilbrunn: Yesterday the "Emergency Committee for Israel" is sounding alarms in the New York Times, where it has taken out a full-page ad to inveigh against the nomination of Chuck Hagel to become Secretary of Defense.

Barack Obama with Senator Chuck Hagel, 2009

Who Paid for the Log Cabin Republicans’ Anti-Hagel NYT Ad?

By Glenn Greenwald: Last Thursday, the gay GOP group Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) placed afull-page ad in the New York Times that attacked Chuck Hagel as anti-Israeland anti-gay and urged President Obama not to appoint him as Defense Secretary.

Frack ad in NYT

Fracking’s Lure, Trap and Endless Damage

By Ralph Nader: Say what you will about Yoko Ono’s art, there is no denying that she is unique. Who else will put several $100,000 full-page ...

Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

New York Times Co. Falls as Ad Slump Spurs Surprise Loss

By Edmund Lee: The New York Times Co. (NYT) tumbled the most in at least three decades after reporting a surprise loss on falling advertising sales, adding to the challenges for incoming Chief Executive Officer Mark Thompson.

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