Will a Business With Profits of $1.1 Million Be Devastated by Another $5,000 in Taxes?

October 31, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Business Tax

By Dean Baker: Apparently they would be, if we listen to the people interviewed in an NYTpiece about the impact of a surtax on incomes above $1 ...

Wealth Redistribution

Brooks Is Wrong: The OWS Crew Is Against Redistribution

By Dean Baker: David Brooks told readers that the Occupy Wall Street movement it out of step with the country because it favors redistribution while most of the ...

Obama US Libya

Vindication for Obama?

Vijay Prashad responds to the Times article "For Obama, Some Vindication of His Much-Criticized Approach to War" by Mark Landler.


We did Devastate Congo, but not Through Dodd-Frank

By Justin Podur: David Aronson's August 7th NYT op-ed, "How Congress Devastated Congo", suggests that the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform act is destroying the eastern DRC's development ...

GM Food

Response to Federoff’s Engineering Food for All

By Shana Alchemilla: Response to Engineering Food for All Nina V. Federoff op-ed NYTimes  August 18, 2011 Nina Federoff’s August 18 NYT op-ed calling for reduced regulation ...


Tommy the Robot

By Fire Tom Friedman: That explains everything, I thought, when I read the headline in Tommy's lastest: "How Did the Robot End Up With My Job?" The ...

The New York Times Announces Thomas Friedman’s Dismissal

By Dean Baker: In the spirit of Thomas Friedman's column today, we should not have confidence in the quality of the news and opinion writing we see ...

Dean Baker: The NYT Makes It Up to Cover Up for Republicans

By Dean Baker In an opinion piece that appeared as a front page news story, the NYT told readers that the debt ceiling battle is "a war ...

Sidney Schanberg

Chris Hedges: Gone With the Papers

By Chris Hedges: I visited the Hartford Courant as a high school student. It was the first time I was in a newsroom. The Connecticut paper’s ...