The Poverty of Debate: Washington, UNITA, and the American Press

August 30, 2014   ·   0 Comments

Fidel Castro and Agostinho Neto

By Stephen Roblin: In Piero Gleijeses' authoritative transnational history of the conflict in southern Africa during the 1970s and 1980s, Visions of Freedom, he provides an account of the American press's troubling treatment of a political debate that occurred during the middle of Reagan's tenure. The debate centered on the question of whether the United States should provide lethal aid to the Angolan insurgent group, UNITA, which was led by one of Africa's most infamous terrorists, Jonas Savimbi. Here, NYTimes eXaminer has published the excerpt from Gleijeses' study.


NYT Reports Republican Misrepresentations Without Comment

By Dean Baker: It is not responsible reporting to report without comment statements from prominent politicians which are almost certainly not true.

Elizabeth Warren

Warren “Far Left” in the New York Times

By Edward S. Herman: Did you know that for the New York Times there is no “far right” component of the Democratic Party, but there is a “far left?”

Barrett Brown

The Mismatch of the Century: Barrett Brown vs. Tom Friedman

By Fire Tom Friedman: Confession: I’m burnt out on Tom Friedman. I hardly ever read him any more, having digested the five columns he lazily recycles ...


Nicholas Kristof Peddles Neo-Liberal Snake Oil as Remedy for Poverty

By John Halle: Even if common sense didn't tell us that stopped clocks sometimes display useful information, we could infer it from reading Nicholas Kristof’s Times ...


NYT Article Supports the Railroading of Political Science Professor

By Gregory Wilpert: A relatively obscure but important development at the City University of New York finally got some public attention last January 13 (on page ...


Zen Over Zinn: Avoiding Unpleasant Truths with David Brooks

By Steve Breyman: We all know people who prefer cozier psychic climes to those offered up by reality. They’re ubiquitous, the place is lousy with them. ...


FOIA Lawsuit | Case 1:14-cv-00119-RC Alexa O’Brien v. U.S. Department of State

By Alexa O'Brien: On January 30, 2014, I filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of State for a failing to respond or comply with...


Life in The National Security State

By Murray Polner: The news that Sister Megan Rice, an 84-year old nun and two army veterans...

Mandela and palestine

When NYC’s Official Jewish Organizations Failed to Meet a Newly Freed Mandela

By Arthur Waskow: Today’s on-line NYTimes, “In The Day a Newly Freed Mandela Came to New York” by James Barron, glorifies New York City’s welcome to Nelson ...

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