The Thumb on the Scale in the Winner Take All Economy

March 1, 2014   ·   0 Comments


By Dean Baker: Robert Frank has an interesting discussion in the NYT of the "winner take all" dynamics created by the Internet economy, but he leaves out an ...


Fakethrough! GMOs and the Capitulation of Science Journalism

By Jonathan Latham: The science media has somehow escaped serious attention. This is unfortunate because no country in the world has a healthy science media...


New York Times Hacked Again, This Time Allegedly by Chinese

By Kim Zetter: In a dramatic announcement late Wednesday, the New York Times reported that hackers from China had been routing through the paper’s network for at least ...

Tom Friedman

Thomas Friedman is Way Off Today

By Dean Baker: That's a cheap shot derived from the information that the NYT gave us at the end of Thomas Friedman's column: "Maureen Dowd is off ...


An Inequality Debate Heats Up

By Jared Bernstein: There’s an interesting debate going on right now as to factors behind the rise in the inequality of earnings that’s been a fixture of ...

There's an emoji for that.

Technology Killed Courtship. Good Riddance.

By Amanda Hess: In the New York Times this weekend, reporter Alex Williams mourns “The End of Courtship.” Texting is to blame for dating’s demise. “Instead of dinner-and-a-movie, which seems ...

Smart Phones

Welcome to Generation “Fidgital”

By Katie Mcdonough: The New York Times introduces a new word -- and pegs a new problem.


‘Survival of the Wrongest’

By David H. Freedman: In late 2011, in a nearly 6,000-word article in The New York Times Magazine, health writer Tara Parker-Pope laid out the scientific evidence ...

Turritopsis nutricula

First We Get Proof of Heaven; Now the Secret of Immortality.

By Paul Raeburn: Only a few weeks after Newsweek and Simon & Schuster gave us proof of heaven, The New York Times now offers us immortality in the form of an article entitled "Can a Jellyfish Unlock the Secret of Immortality?"

New York Times digital subscriptions have seen an 11% rise

The NYTOnIt Account is Hilarious. Shame the Times Can’t Take a Joke

By Jeff Jarvis: It's sad that the Times' lawyers should have gone after what is clearly fair comment – and perhaps sadder that Twitter caved in.

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