Does Capitalism Inevitably Produce Inequalities?

July 2, 2014   ·   0 Comments

Stiglitz - World Economic Forum 2009

By Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer: In a recent New York Times op-ed article, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz theorized that capitalism does not inevitably produce inequalities in wealth.

Elizabeth Warren

Warren “Far Left” in the New York Times

By Edward S. Herman: Did you know that for the New York Times there is no “far right” component of the Democratic Party, but there is a “far left?”


The Good, the Bad, and the Benevolent Interventionist: U.S. Press and Intellectual Distortions of the Latin American Left

By Kevin Young: U.S. journalists and commentators have helped popularize the image of two distinct Latin American lefts...

More jobs

What’s up with the New York Times

By Workers World: When a New York Times lead editorial is titled “More Jobs, Higher Pay” (Feb. 5) you have to wonder. The editorial called for ...


Latvia’s Economic Disaster as a Neoliberal Success Story: A Model for Europe and the US?

By Jeffrey Sommers and Michael Hudson: A generation ago the Chicago Boys and their financial supporters applauded General Pinochet’s anti-labor Chile as a success story...

Paul Krugman

Don’t Cry for the Republicans, Paul Krugman!

By Costas Panayotakis: In a column entitled “The G.O.P.’s Existential Crisis,” Paul Krugman claims that the Republican Party’s long-standing effort to eliminate “the welfare state – ...

Marks and Krugman

Paul Krugman Discovers Marx (and Misses the Point)

By Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer: In his recent New York Times op-ed piece, Princeton professor and regular columnist for The New York Times, Paul Krugman observed...

Capitalism vs Socialism

The Times They May be Changing

By Marty Hart-Landsberg: One of the biggest obstacles to improving economic conditions has been majority belief that our current economic system is capable of delivering steady improvements in living and working conditions. Because of that belief...

Hurricane Sandy Lake Michigan

Hot Air Capitalism

By Costas Panayotakis: In a column published in the November 1, 2012 edition of The New York Times Nicholas Kristof describes Hurricane Sandy as a wake-up call that underlines the urgency of dealing with climate change.

Government of the rich

NYT on ‘Class Imbalance’ in Politics

By Michael M'Gehee: The New York Times recently published an opinion by Nicholas Carnes, an assistant professor of public policy at Duke University and author of the forthcoming ...

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