Kiriakou and Stuxnet: The Danger of the Still-Escalating Obama Whistleblower War

January 28, 2013   ·   0 Comments

John Kiriakou

By Glenn Greenwald: The only official punished for the illegal NSA program was the one who discussed it. The same is now true of torture.

Library Books

The Bedbug Bunk: How The New York Times Used Fear And Misinformation To Spread Public Library Hysteria

By Edward Champion: On Wednesday afternoon, the New York Times published a story written by Catherine Saint Louis claiming that public libraries were now devoting precious resources to a ...


Why Americans Don’t Understand the Middle East (Round 2)

By Stephen M. Walt: Now that the dust has settled in Gaza, permit me a brief comment on the way the conflict was covered here in ...

Obama with National Gaurd map

New York Times Slams Obama For ‘Lame’ Flip-Flop On Economic Benefit Of Climate Action

By Joe Romm: What a difference a few years — or even a few months — makes on the President’s clarity about the false choice between ...


New York Times Bans Quote Approval, Kind Of

By Erik Wemple: The New York Times has banned quote approval, the disturbing trend in which reporters allow flacks to adjust and sign off on quotes ...

Israel Iran nuclear

‘NYT’ Serves As Echo Chamber For Israeli Hawks, Quoting 7 On Iran, Plus 2 Israel Lobbyists

By Philip Weiss: A frontpage New York Times piece last Friday about the Iranian threat served as an echo chamber for hawkish Israeli opinion.

Jon Stewart Jabs Fox News’ Judith Miller Over Hypocritical National Security Leak Stance (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart skewers Judith Miller...

Jayson Blair and Jonah Lehrer

Jayson Blair: Jonah Lehrer’s Story Reminds Me Of My Own

By David Daley: An interview with Jayson Blair, the New York Times reporter who resigned amid scandal in 2003, when plagiarism and fabrication were discovered in his stories.


Despite Own Reporting, NY Times Continued To Downplay Anti-Immigrant Groups’ Unsavory Ties

By Salvatore Colleluori: In April 2011, the New York Times detailed the connections between John Tanton, the notorious kingpin of the current anti-immigrant movement in America, and two anti-immigrant organizations -- ...

Map of Saudi and Gulf

Pro-Democratic Uprisings in the NYT Propaganda System

By Michael M'Gehee: Usually when it comes to matters of the American Empire the New York Times cannot help but rely on the U.S. government as a source ...

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