July 2012 Archive

Harassing the Whistleblowers

By Ray McGovern: Controversy generated by recent reporting by Eric Lichtblau and Scott Shane of the New York Times about Food and Drug Administration spying on its doctors and scientists ...

Inept Stenographers

By Glenn Greenwald: Journalists' excuses for their bad behavior -- it's necessary to get quotes -- are both fictitious and irrelevant.

Vacillating Between ‘National Interests,’ and Democracy and Human Rights

By Michael M'Gehee: A central theme of my NYT eXaminer columns has been the differential treatment the press provides towards events based on political interests.

Demonizing the Poor

By Margaret Kimberley: Americans don’t know how bad off they are, compared to citizens of nations that have real social safety nets. Their ignorance is encouraged ...

Family Structure is Overrated as an Explanation of Inequality

By Shawn Fremstad: In a front-page piece in Sunday's New York Times, reporter Jason DeParle touts family structure as a neglected factor in the increase in income inequality. I don't have ...

David Brooks

David Brooks Begs Romney: Please Defend Capitalism!

By Alex Pareen: In Tuesday's New York Times, moderate conservative columnist David Brooks presents the middlebrow version of the “Obama is attacking capitalism” line, and, as usual, he does so poorly and with much unintentional humor.

David Brooks, Joe Klein, and the Courtier Press

By Charles P. Pierce: That we have, in the main, a courtier press bringing us our political news every day has been beyond question ever since Tim Crouse blew the whistle in The Boys on the Bus back in 1973,,,

With A Breakthrough Looming, Times Blows Up Talks With Guild

By The Newspaper Guild of New York: With a possible breakthrough looming after nearly a year and a half of negotiations, Times corporate management inexplicably dropped a bomb on the process...

Paul Krugman Reads the New York Times

By Peter Heart: Paul Krugman wrote Monday on media's failure to factcheck campaign claims...

The Dark Art of Negative Ads

By Matthew Stevenson: One reason so many campaign contributions end up funding negative advertisements — all that footage of a teenage Mitt Romney shaving the heads of gay classmates or young Barack Obama heading off with his lunchbox to a madrassa in Indonesia — is because the pleasure of elections is to say no to some person or idea.