The Duke Lacrosse Scandal: How the first draft of history is often very wrong

July 18, 2014   ·   1 Comments


By Robert Chambers: Part of Duke’s problem in the twenty-first century is that its ambitions have far outgrown any semblance of the sleepy Southern school that even long ago already seemed to some to embody all...


Football: Our New Religion?

By Murray Polner: Not long ago, a keen and critical blogger (whose name I don’t know but published his take on the Internet), went after Times Op Ed columnist, Joe Nocera...


Nevermind: Headline of Correction for NYT Piece on Projected Cost of Dementia

By Dean Baker: The New York Times ran a front page piece warning readers that the cost of treating dementia is "soaring." The piece tells readers of the ...

Silver Bullet Cure

Can We Really “Cure” Autism?

By Hanna Rosin: Thursday morning’s New York Times points to an intriguing study ostensibly showing that some small percentage of people with autism can “outgrow” their symptoms.

NYT Sports Page

New York Times’ ‘Seinfeld-esque’ Sports Page Shows the Power of Nothing

By Sara Dickenson Quinn: The New York Times sports staff reminded us of that again with their cover “story” about this year’s Baseball Hall of Fame inductees — or lack, thereof.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong Doping Admission Could Be Coming Soon: REPORT

By AP: The New York Times reported Friday that Lance Armstrong, who has strongly denied the doping charges...


‘Survival of the Wrongest’

By David H. Freedman: In late 2011, in a nearly 6,000-word article in The New York Times Magazine, health writer Tara Parker-Pope laid out the scientific evidence ...

Walgreens Bus

New York Times prescription for “When the Doctor Is Not Needed”

By Kate Randall: In the latest installment of what its editors describe as a “continuing examination of ways to cut the costs of medical care while ...

IFPRI Images-Flickr

Mark Bittman’s Smart Take on Kids and Pesticides

By Tom Philpott: Last week, I took Dr. Oz to task for painting organic foods as a luxury item that distracts working families from the important task of ...

Breast Cancer Screenings

The New York Times Continues Its Campaign: Breast Cancer Screenings Cause More Harm Than Good

By Kate Randall: In an opinion piece in the November 21 edition of the New York Times, H. Gilbert Welch, M.D., M.P.H., writes that regular mammography screenings ...

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