July 2012 Archive

Obama Ad slamming Romney

David Brooks Needs a Fact-Checker

From Marie Burns: In his New York Times column today, David Brooks writes, “The president is now running an ad showing Mitt Romney tunelessly singing 'America the Beautiful,' while the text on screen blasts him for shipping jobs to China, India and Mexico. The accuracy of the ad has been questioned by the various fact-checking outfits.”

Debating Palestine and Non-Violence

By Patrick O. Strickland: Last month, a New York Times editorial ran under the title "The Third Intifada is inevitable"...

Are Drones Moral Killing Machines?

By Dave Lindorff: Are weaponized drone aircraft more moral than the more traditional killing machines used in warfare?

In a Sexless Marriage, the Marriage Is the Problem, Not the Breast-Feeding

By Amanda Marcotte: James Braly's piece about his wife's aggressive breast-feeding in the New York Times this weekend provides new ammunition...

New NYT Public Editor Brings Experience, Online Savvy

By Sara Morrison: Margaret M. Sullivan is looking forward to having “an ongoing conversation with readers” both in print and online. On Monday, The New York Times announced that its ...

Margaret Sullivan, New York Times Public Editor, Says Readers Want Transparency

By Michael Calderone: Buffalo News editor Margaret Sullivan, who was named Monday the next public editor at The New York Times, says journalism is at "a crossroads" and the relationship between readers and news organizations "has never been more important."