July 2012 Archive

David Brooks on Why the Maid’s Daughter Can’t Get a Good Job

By Marie Burns: Let us give David Brooks credit for recognizing “The Opportunity Gap,” the subject of his New York Times column today. In outlining “the inequality of opportunities ...

As ICC Issues First Sentence, NYT Continues to Play Imperial Politics

By Michael M'Gehee: The New York Times published an article today by Marlise Simons under the headline "International Criminal Court Issues First Sentence."

(Credit Benjamin Wheelock)

Thank You for Killing My Novel

By Patrick Somerville: The New York Times panned my book, then had to correct the review to fix all their errors. So why am I not angry?

New York Times, Gretchen Morgenson Applaud British, Issue Challenge To American Regulators Over LIBOR Scandal

By Matt Taibbi: The New York Times and its outstanding financial reporter, Gretchen Morgenson, have published an important article about the LIBOR banking crisis...

Farewell to Work?

By Steven Vallas: It’s an old debate, actually –think back to the 1950s, when a burgeoning literature emerged on the employment effect of automation.

The Conundrums of David Brooks: Reducing Class Inequality Without Talking About It

By Dean Baker: David Brooks deserves to be congratulated. He has discovered that the children of less affluent people don't have the same opportunities as the children of the wealthy.

The Gate Keeper: Part 3 of 4

Robert Chernomas and Ian Hudson: The New York Times can credibly be considered the most influential newspaper in the United States, and arguably the world. (Video series)

NYT Does He Said/She Said on Bush Tax Cuts

By Dean Baker: The NYT must assume that its readers know all about the policy impact of allowing the Bush tax cuts on the richest 2 ...