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Climate Change Messaging: Avoid the Truth

By Steve Breyman: Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger published the op-ed “Global Warming Scare Tactics” in the New York Times on April 8. Participants in recent ...

Close the Straits?

By Matthew Stevenson: Despite threats from President Obama and the members of the European Union (EU) of additional economic sanctions against Russia, President Putin seems determined...

Warren “Far Left” in the New York Times

By Edward S. Herman: Did you know that for the New York Times there is no “far right” component of the Democratic Party, but there is a “far left?”

Heard the One About Obama Denouncing a Breach of International Law?

By Norman Solomon: Rather than striving for an evenhanded assessment of how “international law” has become so much coin of the hypocrisy realm, mainline U.S. media are now transfixed with Kremlin villainy.

The Thumb on the Scale in the Winner Take All Economy

By Dean Baker: Robert Frank has an interesting discussion in the NYT of the “winner take all” dynamics created by the Internet economy, but he leaves out an ...


NYT Reports Republican Misrepresentations Without Comment

By Dean Baker: It is not responsible reporting to report without comment statements from prominent politicians which are almost certainly not true.

“Eating the Children of the Poor and the Patriotic”

By Murray Polner: The headlines and TV screens scream about the latest killing by an Iraq or Afghanistan veteran, like the army major who managed to murder nineteen others or the lowly soldier who recently killed himself and three others at Fort Hood.

Anatomy of a Perversion

By Jason Hirthler: Empires rely on the studious manipulation of facts to maintain a pristine image...

Barrett Brown

The Mismatch of the Century: Barrett Brown vs. Tom Friedman

By Fire Tom Friedman: Confession: I’m burnt out on Tom Friedman. I hardly ever read him any more, having digested the five columns he lazily recycles ...

The Siege of Sevastopol: The New York Times on Ukraine

By Howard Friel: Intransigence in The Twilight Zone of U.S. press coverage of Ukraine is not seen in the American effort to hold talks with Russia hostage to the demand that the Russians sit down with “Yats”...


Nicholas Kristof Peddles Neo-Liberal Snake Oil as Remedy for Poverty

By John Halle: Even if common sense didn’t tell us that stopped clocks sometimes display useful information, we could infer it from reading Nicholas Kristof’s Times ...

David Brooks Stumbles Over the Work Force in Attacking the Minimum Wage

By Dean Baker: David Brooks doesn't like the idea of raising the minimum wage. But the good news is that...



The New York Times Excoriates ‘Aggression’: The Washington Exception

By Michael M'Gehee: Over the last quarter century the New York Times' Editorial board has made editorial decisions that illustrate a peculiar pattern.


New York Times Newsroom

NYT Fails to Cover Civilization Collapse

By Michael M'Gehee: Over the last few years we here at the NYTimes eXaminer have shown time and time again that who or what determines what is “fit” reveals a lot about the ideological leanings of the newspaper.


Elizabeth Warren

Warren “Far Left” in the New York Times

By Edward S. Herman: Did you know that for the New York Times there is no “far right” component of the Democratic Party, but there is a “far left?”