July 2012 Archive

Paul Krugman Slams New York Times Colleague, CNBC: ‘One Zombie Idea After Another’

By Bonnie Kavoussi: Whatever you do, don't watch the zombie forum that is CNBC, says Paul Krugman.

Defense Industry Lobbyists Buy Attention in the NYT

By Dean Baker: The NYT had a piece on the potential impact that uncertainty around the extension of tax cuts and the imposition of legislated spending reductions might ...

‘NYT’ Sees End of 2SS in Levy Report, Munayyer sees Israel’s Growing Int’l Isolation

By Philip Weiss: The Levy report, the Israeli government's legal finding that Jews are free to settle in Judea and Samaria because of the League of Nations a century ago, is turning out to be a good wake-up moment.