The NY Times and the Neocons

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By Murray Polner: Ten Cheers for Margaret Sullivan, the Times’ gutsy and shrewd Public Editor who took on her employer for its one-sided opinion pages about Iraq since the sudden and unexpected appearance of the ISIS gangs.

NYT Building

Margaret Sullivan, an Ombud Who Cares

By Greg Mitchell: With criticism and debate over the Obama administration’s deadly drone policy at a high level, it’s easy to forget that this was not ...

Bradley Manning

Let a Thousand Public Editors Bloom: Bradley Manning and the Times Pt. 3

By Chris Spannos: The New York Times’ named Margaret Sullivan as its fifth Public Editor in September of this year. As the successful candidate for the job her duty is to investigate “matters of journalistic integrity” by working “independently” and “outside of the reporting and editing structure of the newspaper.”

It’s Time For The Media To Talk About Zionism

By Philip Weiss: Last week, New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan characterized me as "the anti-Zionist Jewish-American journalist who writes about the Middle East." That's my reputation; I can't take exception to her words. But when Sullivan quoted Jeffrey Goldberg...

Judi Rudoren

‘NYT’ Reporter Jodi Rudoren Gets a Social Network ‘Minder’ After Uproar Over Gaza

By Greg Mitchell: The new, and very acitve, New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan, whose blog post Tuesday responded to my charges about the paper’s front-page caption on a ...

Ali Abunimah

Responding to New York Times Public Editor’s Smear Against Me

By Ali Abunimah: Dear Ms. Sullivan, As public editor of The New York Times, your role, as I understand it, is to advocate for the interests of readers and to be an arbiter of accuracy.

‘NYT’ Public Ed. Responds to My Piece on ‘Disgraceful’ Caption for Gaza Photo

By Greg Mitchell: On Sunday, I wrote a piece here about a top-of-the-front-page New York Times photo that morning by the great Tyler Hicks. The caption merely mentioned that these Gaza school kids had found their school “closed” with no explanation why. Then it jumped to a reference to an “emboldened” Hamas.

The New York Times Adrift Hands Margaret Sullivan the Tiller

By Michael Wolff: The job of public editor at the New York Times – a position instituted at the paper to fortify its ethical good intentions after the Jayson Blair mess almost 10 years ago – has not been much of career enhancer or attention getter for anyone who's held it.

Impressive Integrity From Two New York Times Writers Over BBC Scandal

By Glenn Greenwald: Over the past month, two New York Times columnists have displayed brave and extraordinary journalistic integrity that deserves commendation. Both instances pertain to the still-growing scandal that BBC senior executives suppressed the media outlet's own investigation into the alleged serial pedophilia of Jimmy Savile...

NYT Public Editor: Silver Bet ‘bad idea’

By Mackenzie Weinger: The New York Times' public editor Margaret Sullivan says Nate Silver's offer to bet on the winner of the presidential election was a ...

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