The New York Times Declares the Peace Process Futile

April 29, 2014   ·   0 Comments


By Lawrence Davidson: Part I In 1988 Yasser Arafat declared independence for Palestine based upon the notion of two states living in peace in historic Palestine. The ...


The New York Times Gets an ‘F’ on Education Policy

By Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer: A recent New York Times editorial took a moment out to lecture mayor-elect of New York City Bill de Blasio ...

Demonstrators hold banner during protest rally in support of Snowden in Berlin

New York Times Dangerously Ignores Its Own Words In Calling For Extradition of Edward Snowden

By Trevor Timm: In a move that should be worrying for all whistleblowers, the New York Times editorial board has essentially called for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to ...


Does Congress Only Respond to Fluctuations in the Stock Market?

By Dean Baker: That seems to be the view of the NYT editorial board which concluded a piece on the fiscal standoff by saying: "But if Congress cannot approve ...

Walgreens Bus

New York Times prescription for “When the Doctor Is Not Needed”

By Kate Randall: In the latest installment of what its editors describe as a “continuing examination of ways to cut the costs of medical care while ...


Underwater Homeowners Can’t Rescue the Economy

By Dean Baker: A NYT editorial Sunday argued that helping out underwater homeowners is essential to the recovery. This does not make any sense as can be seen with simple arithmetic.

Robert Samuelson Takes on NYT Editorial Board: Government Does Not Create Jobs!

By Dean Baker: Robert Samuelson was sufficiently outraged by a NYT editorial claiming that the government creates jobs that for the first time in his 35 years as a columnist he felt the need to attack a newspaper editorial.

The Lost Cause in Afghanistan: Do We Just Say ‘Oops’?

By Robert Dreyfuss: Last night’s debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney didn’t say much about Afghanistan, and neither did the earlier one. As I blogged last ...

The New York Times Changes Its Position, Now Urging an Immediate Start of the Withdrawal of Our Armed Forces From Afghanistan

By Ed Koch: In a full-page editorial this past Sunday, October 14, the New York Times publicly revealed its new position on our remaining in Afghanistan until December 2014 as proposed by the Obama administration.


NYT: Tax Factchecking Is for the Editorial Page

By Peter Hart: The New York Times had a piece Tuesday that pairs Obama's tax announcement with Republican attempts to kill Obamacare, presenting both as "politically charged proposals."

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