New York Times Finally Shows Up to Cover Bradley Manning Proceedings (And Their Story Is Sloppy)

December 9, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Bradley Manning

By Kevin Gosztola: Amidst growing criticism, including an editorial from the newspaper’s public editor, the New York Times sent reporter Scott Shane to cover military court proceedings in the case of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the soldier currently being prosecuted by the government for allegedly providing classified information to WikiLeaks.

Scott Shane

Extra! Extra! Read All About It: Mainstream Media Judges Historic Hearing Hardly News Worthy: Bradley Manning and the Times Pt. 4

By Chris Spannos: It took the New York Times approximately eleven days to send a journalist to report on army Private Bradley Manning’s historic Fort Meade ...

What the New York Times Missed in Its 1st Article on Manning’s Torture Hearing

By Jesselyn Radack: (Dec. 8) -- Today, the New York Times has its first independently-reported article on Pfc. Bradley Manning's almost cinematic torture hearing. On the ninth day of Manning's torture ...

Stop the Drones

Obama Administration Pushes Ahead With Drone Killings

By Patrick Martin: According to a report published Sunday on the front page of the New York Times, the Obama administration is pushing ahead with plans to ...


Obama Administration Was Not Willing to Trust Romney with a Secret Kill List

By Kevin Gosztola: The administration of United States President Barack Obama feared they might lose re-election and in the weeks before Election Day began to develop ...

Soviet Missile in Cuba

NYT Coverage of ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’

By Michael M'Gehee: It has been fifty years since the infamous "Cuban Missile Crisis." Arthur Schlesinger, a historian and special assistant to the Kennedy administration, called ...

NYT Libya Torture

NYT Still Has a Torture Problem

By Peter Hart: What do you call it when prisoners are slammed into walls, forced to wear diapers, placed in stress positions and subjected to drowning? ...


NYTimes Misses the Mark in Trapwire Story

By Kade Crockford: On August 13, 2012 Scott Shane published a story in the New York Times about Trapwire, the shadowy surveillance company founded by CIA ...

Eye Spy

New York Times Sidesteps TrapWire, Dismisses WikiLeaks

By Chris Spannos: Tuesday August 14, New York Times journalist Scott Shane reported that news of TrapWire — a counterterrorism software which collects images from surveillance ...

Drone Strike

The New York Times Makes the “Moral Case” for Drones

By David Walsh: On July 14, the New York Times published an article by national security reporter Scott Shane entitled “The Moral Case for Drones.” At first glance, ...

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