Paul Krugman Battles ‘Beltway Deficit Feedback Loop,’ And Not By Himself

February 5, 2013   ·   0 Comments

Paul Krugman

By Jason Linkins: Paul Krugman is no stranger to going on teevee and encountering, well, people of an addled aspect -- he's done "Squawk Box", after all! ...

Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman: Austerity Is Not the Answer

By Chris Mooney: There are few political commentators who excite such passion (whether admiration or, on the other end, rage) as New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. The ...

Stiglitz and Krugman

Krugman versus Stiglitz on Inequality and Economic Growth

By Dean Baker: Joe Stiglitz had an Opionator piece in the NYT arguing that inequality was bad for growth. Krugman responded...

Jon Stewart

Paul Krugman Hits Jon Stewart-And Now Jon Responds

By Greg Mitchell: A couple years back, I conducted a very unscientific survey here on Nation readers’ most admired media hosts, commentators and writers.

Paul Krugman

Krugman and Obama’s Dangerous Austerity Myths

By William K. Black: Austerity in response to the Great Recession has proven to be an economic weapon of mass destruction.  On January 10, 2013, Paul Krugman (Nobel ...


The Dog That Doesn’t Yelp or Howl!

By Bob Somerby: Will Obama mint a $1 trillion platinum coin? We’ll guess that’s extremely unlikely.

Paul Krugman

Why Paul Krugman Should Be President Obama’s Pick For US Treasury Secretary

By Mark Weisbrot: Not only is he the world's best-known economist, Krugman has the intellect and integrity to resist Wall Street's calls for austerity.

US Plantinum Coin

Krugman Backs Minting a $1Trn Platinum Coin

By Alex Hern: The real funny story's the debt ceiling.

Howard Schultz

Paul Krugman Slams Starbucks CEO’s Naive Fix for Fiscal Fiasco

By Alex Kane: There’s no deal yet in broken Washington that would avert the tax increases and fiscal cuts coming our way on January 1.

Maya MacGuineas

Paul Krugman Hits the Nail on the Head!

By Bob Somerby: Paul Krugman keeps telling the same story well...

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