Fighting for the Press with James C. Goodale, Pt. 1

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James C. Goodale interviewed by Chris Spannos: James C. Goodale was chief counsel for the New York Times during the Pentagon Papers case. He is also ...

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Who Needs Mass Surveillance When NYT Power Lunch Lets State Department Determine Ground Rules?

By Chris Spannos: A September 8, 2011 U.S. State Department memorandum obtained by NYT eXaminer, entitled “NYT ‘Publisher's Lunch’ (note: a light lunch will now be served),” portrays a seemingly benign scene.


Europe’s Protests: The Times’ False Impartiality Toward Markets & Austerity

By Chris Spannos: In his Op-Ed today “Europe’s Austerity Madness,” Paul Krugman noted that just a few days ago many people believed that Europe finally had things under control, “All that debtor nations had to do, the story went, was agree to more and deeper austerity — the condition for central bank loans — and all would be well.” But Krugman points out that the “purveyors of conventional wisdom forgot that people were involved.”

NYTX Special Report on Stratfor and NYT

An Unethical Record – Stratfor & the New York Times

By Chris Spannos: Three months after WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files — more than 5 million e-mails from the private intelligence gathering company Stratfor ...

Eye Spy

New York Times Sidesteps TrapWire, Dismisses WikiLeaks

By Chris Spannos: Tuesday August 14, New York Times journalist Scott Shane reported that news of TrapWire — a counterterrorism software which collects images from surveillance ...

US and Syria

NYT Fails to Challenge Washington’s Plans for Syria

By Michael M'Gehee and Chris Spannos: The New York Times ran six articles and an editorial all focusing on Syria in yesterday's paper. Helene Cooper, the Times White ...

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The Times Correction Glacier: Julian Assange

By Chris Spannos: Commenting in last Sunday’s New York Times, Public Editor Arthur S. Brisbane states that the paper is the closest thing, in the U.S., to a “newspaper of record.”

Assange at Ecuadorean Embassy

Somaiya Spins Assange Political Asylum Four Times, From Ecuador in Spotlight to London Standoff

By Chris Spannos: From reasoned reporting to drama and sensationalism, New York Times London bureau journalist Ravi Somaiya’s article today on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange...

Julian Assange Speaks with the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa

Julian Assange Seeks “Political Asylum” Under Universal Declaration for Human Rights

By Chris Spannos: At exactly 1:35 PM Tuesday afternoon WikiLeaks sent this tweet, "Stand by for an important announcement in 25 minutes."


Assange Extradition, Obama’s Kill List & Cyberwarfare Program

Danny Schechter interviews retired CIA officer Ray McGovern and NYT eXaminer Editor Chris Spannos.

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