The Poverty of Debate: Washington, UNITA, and the American Press

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Fidel Castro and Agostinho Neto

By Stephen Roblin: In Piero Gleijeses' authoritative transnational history of the conflict in southern Africa during the 1970s and 1980s, Visions of Freedom, he provides an account of the American press's troubling treatment of a political debate that occurred during the middle of Reagan's tenure. The debate centered on the question of whether the United States should provide lethal aid to the Angolan insurgent group, UNITA, which was led by one of Africa's most infamous terrorists, Jonas Savimbi. Here, NYTimes eXaminer has published the excerpt from Gleijeses' study.


The Duke Lacrosse Scandal: How the first draft of history is often very wrong

By Robert Chambers: Part of Duke’s problem in the twenty-first century is that its ambitions have far outgrown any semblance of the sleepy Southern school that even long ago already seemed to some to embody all...


A Very Loud Silence on Israel-Palestine

By Murray Polner: Respect them or not, it is undeniable that the Times remains preeminent among its competitors and over the many decades has displayed courage ...

A Declaration of Independence

By Eugene Schulman: The United States declared its independence from the British Empire in 1776, stating that it wished freedom from...


The NY Times and the Neocons

By Murray Polner: Ten Cheers for Margaret Sullivan, the Times’ gutsy and shrewd Public Editor who took on her employer for its one-sided opinion pages about Iraq since the sudden and unexpected appearance of the ISIS gangs.

Stiglitz - World Economic Forum 2009

Does Capitalism Inevitably Produce Inequalities?

By Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer: In a recent New York Times op-ed article, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz theorized that capitalism does not inevitably produce inequalities in wealth.

Secretary Kerry Greets Prime Minister_Netanyahu

Israel-Palestine: Beyond The Liberal Imaginary

By Richard Falk: What follows is a letter to the NY Times responding to their editorial of June 6, 2014, which was not accepted for publication. I publish it here as a post because...

Greenwald at CCC 2013

The Great Book Review War: Kinsley vs. Greenwald, Sullivan and of course Snowden

By Murray Polner: A battle of accusations and counter-accusations began with a New York Times Sunday book review posted online before it ever appeared in print.


Class Segregation and the Housing Market

By Lawrence Davidson: There are many forms of discrimination, but one that Americans seem to have a high tolerance for is that based on class.


The New York Times and Obama’s Afghanistan Draw Down: Selling the Never-Ending War on Terror

By Steve Breyman: Mark Landler's "US Troops to Leave Afghanistan by End of 2016" was the lead story in the New York Times on Wednesday, May 28.

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