NYT Reports Republican Misrepresentations Without Comment

April 9, 2014   ·   0 Comments


By Dean Baker: It is not responsible reporting to report without comment statements from prominent politicians which are almost certainly not true.


The Thumb on the Scale in the Winner Take All Economy

By Dean Baker: Robert Frank has an interesting discussion in the NYT of the "winner take all" dynamics created by the Internet economy, but he leaves out an ...

Brooks on Min Wage

David Brooks Stumbles Over the Work Force in Attacking the Minimum Wage

By Dean Baker: David Brooks doesn't like the idea of raising the minimum wage. But the good news is that...

Bill Keller

Bill Keller’s Center-Left Is the Reason We Are Growing Less Rapidly

By Dean Baker: Bill Keller gives us some holiday fun by getting almost everything completely wrong in contrasting the left-left...

Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman Again Demonstrates the Skills Shortage for NYT Pundits

By Dean Baker: The NYT has difficulty finding pundits who can write knowledgeably about economics. Thomas Friedman made this point...


Nevermind: Headline of Correction for NYT Piece on Projected Cost of Dementia

By Dean Baker: The New York Times ran a front page piece warning readers that the cost of treating dementia is "soaring." The piece tells readers of the ...

Young Worker

Warning: Wealth Comparisons by Age Group Through Time Are Bogus!

By Dean Baker: The NYT commits the common sin of making such comparisons in an otherwise useful piece on the economic plight of millennials. It tells us: "The average ...

Tom Friedman

Thomas Friedman Gets Lost South of the Border

By Dean Baker: In this century Mexico has had the slowest per capita GDP growth of any country in Latin America. It has made almost no progress in ...

Deceptive Numbers

Using Deceptive Numbers on Health Care in the NYT

By Dean Baker: It is really easy and apparently fun for some people to use scary numbers about health care costs. The trick is to take ...

Tom Friedman

To Educate a Cab Driver, Educate Thomas Friedman Campaign

By Dean Baker: Thomas Friedman is once again mass marketing misinformation on economics, something that he does all too frequently. Just about everything in the piece is ...

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