A Very Loud Silence on Israel-Palestine

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By Murray Polner: Respect them or not, it is undeniable that the Times remains preeminent among its competitors and over the many decades has displayed courage ...


The NY Times and the Neocons

By Murray Polner: Ten Cheers for Margaret Sullivan, the Times’ gutsy and shrewd Public Editor who took on her employer for its one-sided opinion pages about Iraq since the sudden and unexpected appearance of the ISIS gangs.

Kiev, street scene, near where victims of the shootings in February 2014 were taken for care.

The Ukrainian Muddle: Lies, Manipulation and Silence

By Murray Polner: Poor Katrina van den Heuvel and husband Stephen Cohen, she the editor of The Nation and he a scholar of Russian history and author of a definitive biography of Nikolai Bukharin...

NYC-LES-Ukraine Memorial

Is Ukraine Worth A War?

By Murray Polner: “It’s the worst mess since the 1930s” William Pfaff, one of our shrewdest commentators about world affairs who works for the International New York Times...


“Eating the Children of the Poor and the Patriotic”

By Murray Polner: The headlines and TV screens scream about the latest killing by an Iraq or Afghanistan veteran, like the army major who managed to murder nineteen others or the lowly soldier who recently killed himself and three others at Fort Hood.


Ready For WW III?

By Murray Polner: While analyzing Vladimir Putin, our latest foreign devil, I wonder if many of our born-again Russian experts could pass a simple exam evaluating and explaining the possible impact of Russia’s past on him?


In The Ukraine, Proceed With Caution

By Murray Polner: Recent events and key actors, past and present, have apparently upset many of the 80,000 or 300,000-400,000 Ukrainian Jews – surprisingly, no-one really ...


Life in The National Security State

By Murray Polner: The news that Sister Megan Rice, an 84-year old nun and two army veterans...


Football: Our New Religion?

By Murray Polner: Not long ago, a keen and critical blogger (whose name I don’t know but published his take on the Internet), went after Times Op Ed columnist, Joe Nocera...


Where’s A New Mandela When We Need Him or Her Now?

By Murray Polner: How many of our editorial writers, pundits and ordinary Americans know that Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu has articulate and informed opponents in Israel ...

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