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Today’s NYT DIFFS August 23, 2013

Public Defenders Are Tightening Belts Because of Steep Federal Budget Cuts This article has been modified 2 times. Pressure Rises on Hamas As Patrons’ Support Fades This article ...

Noam Chomsky

“Manning should be praised”

Noam Chomsky replies: There’s a famous statement that military justice is to justice as military music is to music.

Noam Chomsky

Syrian Chemical Weapon Attack

Noam Chomsky replies: No credible evidence yet.

Paying till it hurts

To Live and Die in America: Profit is not the Cure

By Robert Chernomas and Ian Hudson: This summer the Times is running a series on health care in the U.S. called “Paying Till it Hurts.”


Egypt: The Revolution At The Crossroads

By Thomas Harrison: As I write, a horrible tragedy is unfolding in Egypt. The old order has reasserted itself with a vengeance.