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Who’s a Journalist? A Question With Many Facets and One Sure Answer - NYTimes.com

By Margaret Sullivan: Behind almost every correction in The Times, there is a story. In the case of the correction about Alexa O’Brien, the story is ...

Noam Chomsky

“Objectivity” in Media Culture

Noam Chomsky replies: “Objectivity” in media culture means, essentially, reporting accurately what’s happening “within the beltway”...

Noam Chomsky

State-Media Propaganda

Noam Chomsky replies: There is definite evidence of substantial influence. Massive state-media propaganda campaigns often lead to sharp changes in poll results...


Washing U.S. Hands of the Dirty Wars

By Kevin Young: How the New York Times, Washington Post, and NPR Erase Washington’s Role in State Terror...

Necessary Illusions: Ask Noam Chomsky about the New York Times

Edward Snowden

Covering Edward Snowden

By Murray Polner: No less an expert on national security than Dick Cheney immediately judged that Edward Snowden, the now world famous leaker of NSA secrets, ...


The “Unscandal” of Mass Famine Deaths in Somalia

By Stephen Roblin: “Unscandals” are events that resemble scandals, but deviate in at least two crucial respects: the victims of scandalous acts lack sufficient influence to ...

Alexa O Brien

Letter to David Carr, Ravi Somaiya, and The New York Times #Slacktavists

By Alexa O'Brien: Dear Mr. Carr and Mr. Somaiya, I expect that you will correct your recent article on the U.S. Investigation of WikiLeaks...


The Snowden Caper

Danny Schechter discusses media coverage of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and his whereabouts.

March in solidarity with Occupy Gezi Turkish protests in Milan

“The Street’s the Place to Go”

By Daniel Warner: “Like protests in other parts of Turkey, the demonstrations in Ankara have merged local grievances with broader complaints” an article in the June ...

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