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How Obama Chose War Over Peace in Syria

By Shamus Cooke: With Syria on the brink of national genocide, outside nations have only two options: help reverse the catastrophe or plunge this torn nation ...

Young Worker

Warning: Wealth Comparisons by Age Group Through Time Are Bogus!

By Dean Baker: The NYT commits the common sin of making such comparisons in an otherwise useful piece on the economic plight of millennials. It tells us: "The average ...

Third Way

The NY Times Calls Third Way “Center-Left” and Turns a Study on its Head

By William K. Black: Some lies will not die. As I have demonstrated repeatedly, Third Way is Wall Street on the Potomac.


Why Does No One Speak of America’s Oligarchs?

By Yves Smith: One of the striking elements of the demonization of Cyprus was how it was depicted as a willing tool of Russian money launderers ...

King Abdullah II of Jordan

King Abdullah II of Jordan, World Statesman?

By Kifah and Jennifer: Jeffrey Goldberg published a now infamous interview with King Abdullah II of Jordan...


Obama’s Holy Land Tour

By Matthew Stevenson: You have to hand it to the Israeli government for persuading President Barack Obama to sign up for its Holy Land “Stand Against ...

Obama Israel

Israel to Obama: Be Gentle With Me

By Richard Silverstein: Jodi Rudoren’s survey piece about Israeli public opinion as the backdrop to Barack Obama’s arrival in Israel is a total bunch of mush, from the ...

NYT Building

Margaret Sullivan, an Ombud Who Cares

By Greg Mitchell: With criticism and debate over the Obama administration’s deadly drone policy at a high level, it’s easy to forget that this was not ...

James Goodale

James Goodale: It’s a Bad Time for Press Freedoms

By Susan Armitage: James Goodale has a message for journalists...


The Iraq War: Learning Lessons, Ignoring History

By Michael H. Hunt: Talk about a gap between serious academic history and the policy community. The New York Times, which has made a big deal of ...

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