January 2013 Archive

Man overlooks school in Nakba refugee camp

Amos Oz vs. Shlomo Sand on the Soul of Israel

By Eugene Schulman: By a strange conjunction of coincidences, and not completely unrelated to Israel’s attack on Syria yesterday, I have recently finished reading Shlomo Sand's ...

Syria Armed Rebels

NYT Editors Whitewash Role of U.S. in Syrian Violence and Refugee Crisis

By Jeremy R. Hammond: A recent editorial in the New York Times titled “The Syrian Refugee Crisis” offers several examples of how the newspaper of record serves as a propaganda outlet to manufacture consent for U.S. foreign policy.

Control Arms

NYT on Gun Violence and the 1,000 lb Elephant in the room: Poverty

By Michael M'Gehee: On the front page of Thursday's The New York Times is the story "Strict Chicago Gun Laws Can’t Stem Fatal Shots."

Chuck Hagel

Hagel Described Palestinians as ‘Chained’ and ‘Caged,’ but ‘NYT’ Can’t Touch the Issue

By Philip Weiss: I'm endlessly surprised by the New York Times.


One of the Most Worthless Times Columns Ever!

Bob Somerby: In yesterday morning’s New York Times, a bipartisan pair offer one of the silliest op-ed columns ever.

Mali al-Qaeda

To Explain Mali Turmoil, NYT Tosses U.S. Military Intervention in Libya Down the Memory Hole

By Jeremy R. Hammond: In my previous post, I commented on an example of the New York Times tossing inconvenient truths down the memory hole. Here’s another example...

Rios Montt

Rios Montt on Trial for Genocide

By Nick Alexandrov: Efraín Rios Montt, Guatemala’s former dictator, may yet face the consequences of his actions.


New York Times Hacked Again, This Time Allegedly by Chinese

By Kim Zetter: In a dramatic announcement late Wednesday, the New York Times reported that hackers from China had been routing through the paper’s network for at least ...

Library Hall

NY Times Buries The Lead: NY Library is Ignoring Local Branches

By Ron Howell: Michael Kimmelman is an architectural critic, and a brilliant one. But in today's article- 'In Renderings for a Library Landmark, Stacks of Questions, Still' ...