January 2013 Archive


David Brooks, in Defense of Doing Nothing

By Marie Burns: Like most conservatives, New York Times columnist David Brooks cannot hold two opposing ideas in his mind at the same time. In fact, ...

Profit is Beautiful, or So the Times (Indirectly) Tells Us

Βy Jeff Nygaard: On January 16th New York Times economics columnist Eduardo Porter decided to write about the privatization of public services, using the example of British Petroleum.

Israel’s Friends Call on a Man to Save Israel Who Could Never be Elected There (Obama)

By Philip Weiss: The new theme in the liberal press following the Israeli election is that Obama has trumped Netanyahu, so now is the time for ...

Nicholas Kristof

Nicholas Kristof on low-Income Kids!

By Bob Somerby: Kids who come from low-income, low-literacy backgrounds tend to be strongly disadvantaged. There may not be any books in the home. Their parents or care-givers may not read to them—may not take them to the library.

New York Times building

New York Times Buyouts Push Veteran Journalists To The Exits

By Michael Calderone: Jim Roberts, Joe Sexton and Jon Landman have several things in common...