January 2013 Archive


Radical Compassion: Restorative Justice Program Meets Needs of Both Victims and Perpetrators

By David Belden: A new program allows victims' forgiveness to play a role in prosecution. A storm of comments swirled around a story about teen murder in the New York Times last ...

House of Representatives

Things That Make Sense To The New York Times!

By Bob Somerby: The New York Times is widely seen, at least among liberals and mainstreamers, as our smartest newspaper.

Chinese workers

The NYT is Upset that Wages in China Are Rising

By Dean Baker: Wow this is really getting incredible, yet another piece about how China is going to be suffering because it has a declining labor force. The ...

Social Security

How Wonks Get Snarky

By Jared Bernstein: A couple of weeks ago, the NYT—somewhat weirdly, I thought—published a full-page spread by a couple of analysts arguing that the Social Security Administration was ...

NYT Arab Apathy

Are Israeli Arabs ‘Apathetic’–or Second-Class Citizens?

By Peter Hart: For a variety of reasons, Arab citizens of Israel don't seem all that excited about voting in next week's elections.  And, for some ...