January 2013 Archive


Tom Friedman Is Still Wrong — Paul Krugman

By Marie Burns: As I wrote in my last NYTX column, way back in 1998 and before Paul Krugman had a gig of his own at the New York Times, he wrote a scathing review of a book by Times columnist Tom Friedman.

Auntie’s Unlikely Media Mogul

By Michael Wolff: This is something that is said about a certain kind of executive: one who continues to hold his job while more interesting people lose theirs; or one who always gets a better job...

It’s a Remarkable Day in the Neighborhood!

By Bob Somerby: In the hard-copy New York Times, yesterday was a remarkable morning...

America’s Strategic Stupidity

By Andrew J. Bacevich: Obama’s new foreign policy team must beware of generals bearing predictions.


An Inequality Debate Heats Up

By Jared Bernstein: There’s an interesting debate going on right now as to factors behind the rise in the inequality of earnings that’s been a fixture of ...

David Brooks

The Fantasies of David Brooks: What Has the NYT Columnist Been Smoking?

By John W. Farley: David Brooks, conservative pundit at the New York Times, reviewed a new book (The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from ...

Silver Bullet Cure

Can We Really “Cure” Autism?

By Hanna Rosin: Thursday morning’s New York Times points to an intriguing study ostensibly showing that some small percentage of people with autism can “outgrow” their symptoms.