January 2013 Archive

A supporter of Chavez holds a picture of him

Disinformation Still Clouds the US Debate on Chávez’s Legacy in Venezuela

By Mark Weisbrot: Last week, the New York Times did something it has never done before: in its "Room for Debate" section, it offered differing views on Venezuela.

Fix the Debt

“Fix the Debt”: Sheer Hypocrisy or a Myth Worth Debating?

By Ira Chernus: The New York Times has just published an expose on Fix the Debt...

Foxconn Workers

NYT Story Emphasizes Apple’s Positive Statements, Obscures Ongoing Labor Abuses

By Scott Nova and Isaac Shapiro: So far, Apple’s pledges of sweeping change have not been matched by major reforms in working conditions.

Shimon Peres

Jim Crow in Our Time: ‘NYT’ Credits Israeli Poll That Excludes 20% of Population Who Aren’t Jewish

By Philip Weiss: Shimon Peres is the new honey-bunny of American liberals, the anti-Netanyahu.

Bradley Manning

Government Says WikiLeaks No Different From New York Times At Bradley Manning Hearing

By Matt Sledge: The last two days of pretrial hearings for Bradley Manning have seen a couple of interesting developments...

Bread for the World

What Does Biofuel Have to Do With the Price of Tortillas in Guatemala?

By Tom Philpott: I used to write about biofuels a lot. The idea of devoting large swaths of prime farmland and annual gushers of agrichemicals to grow "fuel" crops...