January 2013 Archive

Famous economist perplexes Sen. Bennet.

The One Reason Not to Move MoDo to the Style Section

By Marie Burns: In her New York Times column today, Maureen Dowd profiles Michael Bennet of Colorado, who was one of three Democratic Senators to vote ...

Fiscal Cliff Practice

What Does The Fiscal Cliff Debacle Say About Our Chances To Avoid The Far More Worrisome Climate Cliff?

By Joe Romm: Our political leaders failed to meet their self-imposed deadline for dealing with the deficit in a manner that doesn’t mean austerity-driven recession.

Greg Mankiw Discovers the Math and the Arithmetic on the Same Day

By Dale Pierce: Raising taxes is a good idea after all. In fact, it is now quite necessary, according to former Romney flack and alleged deep thinker Greg Mankiw of Harvard University.

David Brooks to American Voters: Drop Dead!

By Bob Somerby: Rhetorician, heal thyself: David Brooks was looking for someone to blame for a rather weak budget agreement and for more failures to come.


‘Survival of the Wrongest’

By David H. Freedman: In late 2011, in a nearly 6,000-word article in The New York Times Magazine, health writer Tara Parker-Pope laid out the scientific evidence ...

Robots Don’t Destroy Jobs; Rapacious Corporate Executives Do

By William Lazonick: Worrying about automation distracts us from the real problem -- misuse of corporate profits.

What Was Wrong With the New York Times’s Article on Green Cards for Investments (EB-5) in Vermont?

By Norman Oder: Several people have asked why I haven't commented on the prominent New York Times article yesterday headlined Lure of Green Cards Brings Big Investments ...

Steve Rattner’s Defective Social Security Chart in NYT

By Dean Baker: Steve Rattner had a series of mostly useful charts in the NYT this morning describing the state of the economy.