January 2013 Archive


A Journey over the Fiscal Mountains

By Marie Burns: In the New York Times newsroom, and on both the left and right sides of the paper's editorial pages, Times staffers are bemoaning the small-bore tax-and-spending deal that the Senate passed early this morning but that, as of this writing, the House has not passed.

New York Times Gets It Fundamentally Wrong on the Budget Impasse

By Dean Baker: The NYT doesn't seem to keep up to date with writings on the budget deficit even in its own paper.

Howard Schultz

Paul Krugman Slams Starbucks CEO’s Naive Fix for Fiscal Fiasco

By Alex Kane: There’s no deal yet in broken Washington that would avert the tax increases and fiscal cuts coming our way on January 1.

Note to Alexander: From Ripped Van Winkle

By Fred Gardner: The NY Times arrived this morning with the magazine devoted to “The Lives They Lived,” an extra round of obits for those who exited in 2012. Guess who wasn’t mentioned?

David Brooks

David Brooks Reports that the NYT Can’t Find Conservative Columnists Who Know Arithmetic

By Dean Baker: Some of us didn't take the skills deficit seriously, but David Brooks shows us that it is a real problem. Apparently the New York Times ...

Maya MacGuineas

Paul Krugman Hits the Nail on the Head!

By Bob Somerby: Paul Krugman keeps telling the same story well...

China Forces New York Times Reporter Chris Buckley To Leave Country

By Adam Gabbatt: China has forced a New York Times journalist to leave the country, two months after the newspaper reported on the family wealth of premier Wen Jiabao.