December 2012 Archive


Predicting David Brooks

By Marie Burns: Yesterday, I wrote a parody of a syllabus for a class New York Times columnist David Brooks will actually teach at Yale. Today ...

Tom Friedman

Friedman, Chekhov and Other Illusions

By Alexa L. McMahon: The pullquote for Tom Friedman’s column yesterday perhaps said it best, “Returning to the same-old, same-old.” Friedman’s repetitive writing has hit an a new low ...

Mideast Travel Trip Five Free things Jerusalem 1

Abrams Slams Rudoren in Effort to Maintain Figleaf of a Two-State Solution Over the Reality of Apartheid

By Philip Weiss: From his aerie at the Council on Foreign Relations, Elliott Abrams has slammed Jodi Rudoren of the New York Times for her story suggesting that construction ...

Gun Control

Liberal Democracies and Armed Insurrections: Never the Twain Shall Meet?

By Samir Chopra: Jeff McMahan has an interesting article–Why Gun Control Is Not Enough–over at The Stone...

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Exile and the Prophetic: Branding the Holocaust

By Marc H. Ellis: ‘What if Hitler had access to the internet?’ As reported in the New York Times,that’s one of the big questions the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum asks as it celebrates its 20th anniversary next year.