December 2012 Archive


Boola Boola, Professor Brooks

By Marie Burns: Those Mayan gods have quite a sense of humor. Just days before the End of the World, they have sent us an omen, a clear sign of the rationale for the Apocalypse.


New York Times’ Complicity in Raiding Social Security

By Michael M'Gehee: If you were to go to the New York Times website and type in "Social Security" into their search engine you will get ...

Hack List No. 10: New York Times

By Alex Pareene: This year, my annual list of the worst of political media highlights not just individuals, but the institutions that enable those individuals.

Is David Brooks Teaching Humility at Yale the Most Pretentious Moment In History?

By Matt Taibbi: According to New York Magazine, David Brooks, New York Times columnist and notorious diploma-sniffing aristocrat-apologist douchebag, has decided to teach a course on "humility" at Yale.