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Droning On About Gun Violence: The Great American Shootout Industry

By Matthew Stevenson: It is easy to see why these mass murders are so perfectly suited to the digital age of fleeting political celebrity, in which grief can be assuaged with decals pasted on NFL helmets. I get the impression these shootouts hold such morbid fascination with the nation that, for the ensuing coverage, corporate sponsorship cannot be far away.

Newtown, Connecticut Shooting- Firefighters at Memorial

How the GOP Promoted Gun Madness

By Robert Parry: New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof offers a typical column reacting to the massacre of 20 school children in Newtown, Connecticut. He calls on politicians to show courage in standing up to the National Rifle Association, but he doesn’t seem to have the courage himself to identify the key political culprits in a three-decade-long pandering to the NRA’s clout.


Bowing To Israel Lobby Group, ‘NYT’ Editors Neuter Reporters’ Assertion That Israel Is Nixing Two-State Solution

By Philip Weiss: I often speak of the pressure that the New York Times is under from rightwing supporters of Israel. What follows is further evidence of the editors' responsiveness...