December 2012 Archive

Obama Cameron

Why did Obama and Cameron save a Criminal Enterprise like HSBC?

By William K. Black: Why is HSBC still in operation? On the same day that the Obama administration leaked the story of the HSBC settlement a story ran in the New York Times that was full of self-praise by the Obama and Cameron (U.K.) governments for their “cooperative approach” to cracking down on systemically dangerous institutions (SDIs).


Does Hugo Chavez Keep Fooling Venezuelans?

By Peter Hart: The New York Times updates readers Thursday on the health status of left-wing Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, and the political implications for his country. But the paper starts out by suggesting that the people who keep electing him must have some kind of problem.

Frack ad in NYT

Fracking’s Lure, Trap and Endless Damage

By Ralph Nader: Say what you will about Yoko Ono’s art, there is no denying that she is unique. Who else will put several $100,000 full-page ...

Fiscal Cliff

What If There Is No Fiscal Crisis?

By David Corn: If there is no fiscal crisis, can there be a fiscal cliff? The current hullabaloo over tax cuts, spending cuts, entitlement programs, and the ...

Masters of the Universe

Hubris, High Socks, and other Habits of the Most Powerful People in the World

By Hamilton Nolan: The Masters of the Universe can be identified by their socks. Their millions of dollars, their vast power over commerce, and their socks, which must protrude four inches below the cuff of their suit pants when seated. Any greater length of sock exposure would indicate that the wearer was sitting with his legs crossed.

Above: Khaled el-Masri

Khaled el-Masri and Empire’s Oblivion

By Darryl Li: Two of yesterday's headlines together provide a good example of the work of imperial forgetting. On the front page of the New York Times, a story about the depiction of torture in the forthcoming national revenge flick Zero Dark Thirty shows how little debates have advanced over the past decade.

Redesign Your Cause: Nicholas D. Kristof

Smile-a-While: Kristof Believes Some Very Good News!

By Bob Somerby: Scribe, take a good look around: In Thursday morning’s New York Times, Nicholas Kristof was proclaiming some very unlikely good news.