December 2012 Archive

Rafael Correa

Why is the Failed Monti a “Technocrat” and the Successful Correa a “Left-Leaning Economist”?

By William K. Black: The New York Times produces profiles of national leaders like Italy’s Mario Monti and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa.  I invite readers to contrast the worshipful treatment accorded Monti ...

Steven Erlanger

Another ‘NYT’ Reporter Goes to Gaza and Offers Condescending Anthropological Observations on Social Media

By Philip Weiss: It hasn't been a month since a New York Times reporter in Gaza got in hot water for condescending comments on local culture...

Ken Johnson. (Courtesy ReadMedia)

Here’s The New York Times’ Response to the Ken Johnson Petition

By Michael H. Miller: The writers of an open letter to The New York Times regarding two recent pieces by Ken Johnson have received a response from the paper’s culture editor, Jonathan Landman.