December 2012 Archive

Libya Rebels

What Were They Thinking? Libyan Rebels and the Weapons Candy Store

By Daniel Warner: A front page story in the December 6 International Herald Tribune – the global edition of the New York Times – can only ...

Ross Douthat

Go to Your Womb, Ross Douthat

By Katha Pollitt: Ross Douthat, The New York Times’s Catholic-conservative columnist, is so obsessed with women’s fertility it’s really too bad he can’t get pregnant himself and see firsthand what it’s all about.

Black Middle Class

An Economy That Works For The Middle Class Won’t Happen On Its Own

By Rebecca Thiess: A vital goal of economic policy should be to raise the living standards of the millions of American households who have seen their ...

Library Books

The Bedbug Bunk: How The New York Times Used Fear And Misinformation To Spread Public Library Hysteria

By Edward Champion: On Wednesday afternoon, the New York Times published a story written by Catherine Saint Louis claiming that public libraries were now devoting precious resources to a ...