December 2012 Archive

Twitter's New San Francisco Roost

NY Times Didn’t Check Facts on San Francisco “Twitter” Tax

By Randy Shaw: The Sunday December 2 front-page New York Times story (“The Empty Promise of Tax Incentives,” by Louise Story) described how governments giving tax breaks to corporations in Michigan, Missouri, and other states neither got the promised jobs nor even assessed the economic cost of the incentives.

French Student Protest

NYT Disappears the Euro Crisis in Discussing Youth Unemployment in Europe

By Dean Baker: Europe has an enormous problem of youth unemployment, this is not really disputable. The NYT ran a major article on the topic that focused on the situation in France.

Ghetto Merchant

Now Dig This: The Ken Johnson Kerfuffle.

By Carolina A. Miranda: Last month, Ken Johnson, an independent writer who serves as an art critic for the New York Times, published a review of Now Dig This! Art and Black Los Angeles 1960-80, on view at MoMA PS1. The piece was critical of the show on a number of points, most notably that many of the works promoted a racial solidarity that could be alienating to white viewers. There are also some very uncomfortable paragraphs about the ways in which Black artists have employed the medium of assemblage...

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes the Long Slog

By Amanda Hess: Even for those who’ve found the love of their lives, romance is fleeting. In the New York Times, UC Riverside psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky investigates the shelf life of romantic love and finds that married couples experience just a two-year “passion bump” after getting hitched...

Earns New York Times

It’s Nip and Tuck for the New York Times — Again

By Keith J. Kelly: Once again the specter of newsroom layoffs is hanging over the Gray Lady. “The advertising climate remains volatile and we don’t see this ...