December 2012 Archive

Middle East Globe

The Coming Middle East War

By Matthew Stevenson: Following the maxim that to have peace it’s best to prepare for war, I thought it useful to speculate on the possibility that the Middle East could erupt into a wider conflict, pulling into its vortex many regional powers, not to mention Russia, China, and the United States.

J. Peter Pham

U.S. Condemns M23 While New York Times Op-Ed Defends The Rwanda-backed Bandits

By Milton Allimadi: The New York Times published a bizarre Op-Ed piece "To Save Congo, Let It Fall Apart," that could have as well been authored by M23 -- an apologia and rationalization for the terroristic army's invasion of Congo from Rwanda, which was accompanied by massacres along the way.

Benghazi Attack

Who Conducted the Deadly Benghazi Attack!

By Bob Somerby: Andrew Rosenthal’s fuzzy assertion: Friend, are you a press watcher? If so, the endless assault on Susan Rice has been one of the most instructive ...


Underwater Homeowners Can’t Rescue the Economy

By Dean Baker: A NYT editorial Sunday argued that helping out underwater homeowners is essential to the recovery. This does not make any sense as can be seen with simple arithmetic.