December 2012 Archive


Bailouts and their ‘Hazards’

By Costas Panayotakis: In "As the Bailouts Continue in Europe, So Does the Flouting of Rules" Landon Thomas Jr. invokes Greece as a prime example of the fact that “[b]ailouts beget more bailouts.”

Turritopsis nutricula

First We Get Proof of Heaven; Now the Secret of Immortality.

By Paul Raeburn: Only a few weeks after Newsweek and Simon & Schuster gave us proof of heaven, The New York Times now offers us immortality in the form of an article entitled "Can a Jellyfish Unlock the Secret of Immortality?"

Mark Thompson

Times Co. CEO Says Report Examining BBC Scandal Will Be Delayed

By Edmund Lee: New York Times Co. (NYT) Chief Executive Officer Mark Thompson, under scrutiny for the handling of a sex scandal when he ran the British ...

Claudia and Arthur

Arthur Sulzberger Jr. Splits Up With Girlfriend Who Figured Briefly In Tales Of Times Co. Intrigue

By Joe Pompeo: Since New York Times Company chief executive Janet Robinson was fired at the end of 2011, there has been lots of reporting and ...