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Barack Obama with Senator Chuck Hagel, 2009

Who Paid for the Log Cabin Republicans’ Anti-Hagel NYT Ad?

By Glenn Greenwald: Last Thursday, the gay GOP group Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) placed afull-page ad in the New York Times that attacked Chuck Hagel as anti-Israeland anti-gay and urged President Obama not to appoint him as Defense Secretary.

Dean Baker

New York Times Gets It Fundamentally Wrong on the Budget Impasse

By Dean Baker: The NYT doesn't seem to keep up to date with writings on the budget deficit even in its own paper.


US Drone War Inspires Militants to Hunt & Kill ‘Informers’

By Kevin Gosztola: Members of militant groups in Pakistan may not be able to do much to prevent the United States from launching drone strikes in Pakistan, but...

Home Demolition

How The New York Times Erases Israel’s Crimes

By Robert Ross: According to The New York Times, there is no siege of Gaza, no occupation of the West Bank, and never was there a Nakba...

Tax Wall Street

Greg Mankiw Says We Have to Tax the Middle Class More

By Dean Baker: That is the explicit argument in his NYT column today. What is more interesting than what he says is what he doesn't say. There is ...

Istockphoto image of a farm, barn

NYT on Farm Bill: A Classic in Non-Informative Reporting

By Dean Baker: Those of us old-timers who think that news reporting is about conveying information were seriously bothered by an NYT article on a plan for a ...

Fix the Debt

New York Times’ Xmas Present to Corporate Lobby Group Fix-the Debt: A Puff Piece

By Peter Dreier: The New York Times should be embarrassed. On December 24 it gave a Christmas present to the corporate-backed lobby group Fix the Debt with its ...


Does Congress Only Respond to Fluctuations in the Stock Market?

By Dean Baker: That seems to be the view of the NYT editorial board which concluded a piece on the fiscal standoff by saying: "But if Congress cannot approve ...


New York Times Pushes Obama On Climate: ‘He Needs To Do A Great Deal More Than…Foster A Conversation’

By Stephen Lacey: Many were disappointed after President Obama’s first post-election press conference when he talked about the urgency of climate change — and then immediately swept aside ...

Victor Jara

Eight Charged With Víctor Jara’s 1973 Murder in Chile

By Pascale Bonnefoy: Santiago, Chile — Eight retired army officers were charged on Friday with the murder of a popular songwriter and theater director, Víctor Jara, who was tortured and killed days after the 1973 military coup in a stadium that had been turned into a detention center.

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