November 2012 Archive

Black Girls Can’t Govern — Maureen Dowd

By Marie Burns: In a New York Times column titled “Is Rice Cooked?” Maureen Dowd writes about the controversy surrounding United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice and ...

Israel Considers Any Palestinian Infrastructure That Can Be Connected to Hamas to Be ‘Terrorist’

By Kevin Gosztola: While it is unlikely that the escalating violence in Gaza will be placed into proper context by United States media, who report on it in the context of Israel’s blockade and occupation of Palestinian land, it is also just as unlikely that there will be any meaningful coverage on how Israel justifies bombing civilian infrastructure in Gaza.

Israel’s Real Purpose in Gaza

By Jerome Slater: Gershon Baskin, the co-chairman of the Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information, a columnist for The Jerusalem Post, and a back-channel intermediary between Hamas and the Israeli government, has followed up a Haaretz column a few days ago with a piece in yesterday's New York Times online opinion page.

On The Jewish Israeli Street, There’s No Solution To Palestinian Issue But More Violence

By Philip Weiss: Jewish Israelis see no solution to their conflict with the Palestinians living alongside them, and wholly approve of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s aggressive response ...