November 2012 Archive


Socrates and the Debt

By Costas Panayotakis: Readers of this column are familiar with the ways that The New York Times has obfuscated and misrepresented social, political and economic developments in contemporary Greece.

Mark Thompson

Letter from a Londoner

By Hazel Sheffield: Mark Thompson must sink his teeth into the Times.

New York Times Opposes Palestinian Self-Determination

By Stephen Lendman: Longstanding NYT articles, op-eds, and editorials are notoriously one-sided for Israel. Palestinian rights don't matter, only Jewish ones. Life in Occupied Palestine harshness goes ...

Noam Scheiber’s NYT Book Review Asks Us to Imagine That Someone Using Data Had Warned of the Housing Bubble

By Dean Baker: It's best to ignore personal slights in Washington and elsewhere, but this one goes beyond my personal feelings. In a review of Nate Silver's new ...