November 2012 Archive

Politico Makes You Glad Election Is Almost Over

By Peter Hart: The gossipy, horse race-obsessed outlet Politico ran a story on October 29 about the credibility of polling expert Nate Silver, whose 538 blog at the New York Times is a must-read for people interested in election forecasting.

School Superintendent to Thomas Friedman: Why you are wrong about Race to the Top

By Jonathan Raymond: New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman has lauded Race to the Top as one of President Obama’s two most innovative domestic initiatives. As superintendent of California’s ...

From Questionable Circumcision Ritual To Occupation Tourism, NY Times Chronicles Jewish Life Sans Judgment

By Ira Glunts: The New York Times article titled, “Suit is filed over move to regulate circumcision” is part of the paper’s recent ongoing campaign to chronicle the ...

GOP Senators to Congressional Research Service: Research? We don’t need no stinking research

By Josh Bivens and Andrew Fieldhouse: The New York Times has reported that the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) has withdrawn a September report (though it can be found on ...

Will Mark Thompson Survive as New York Times CEO Amid Jimmy Savile Scandal?

By Michael Moynihan: In an industry battered by declining revenues and sagging readership, the New York Times has had a good few months. Its circulation figures, which include digital-only subscriptions, are up by an impressive 40 percent over last year.