November 2012 Archive

Filling the Pages of Friday’s Times!

By Bob Somerby: In lieu of election reporting -- In fairness, nothing of value will be said until the votes have been cast. That said, the New York Times has to keep pretending that it is reporting a White House campaign. We were struck by the worthless “election reporting” in Friday's hard-copy Times.

Hey, Hacks: Nate Silver’s Not Taking Your Job

Alex Pareene: Pundits appear especially threatened by the New York Times math wiz this election cycle. Why are they so scared? In terms of issues dividing the ...


NYT’s Gaza Flotilla Flop

By Peter Hart: You can learn a lot from reading the Corrections box in the New York Times–often because going back to read the story that is ...

The NYT Editorial Board Needs A Political Science Lesson

By Michael Koplow: The New York Times ran an editorial yesterday entitled “Tunisia’s Challenges” that dealt with the tensions between Tunisia’s Islamist government and the secular opposition, and ...

NYT Silent on Texas Attorney General’s Threat to Arrest Election Monitors

By Michael M'Gehee: It's another one of those bizarre moments at the "paper of record" who claims to provide "all the news fit to print" when something as big as a state attorney general threatens to arrest international election monitors and the New York Times fails to cover the story.

What Economic Theory Is the NYT Pushing on France?

By Dean Baker: A NYT article on the problems facing France's president Francoise Hollande included several peculiar assertions. At one point it noted Hollande's efforts to meet a ...